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Can't never go home again [Jan. 9th, 2007|11:21 am]
[Current Location |Classic City]
[mood |Stendhal]
[music |Johnny Cash- Hey Porter]

Well friends, I'm back in Athens once again.  It's a new year, familiar faces are all around; the shit-smears left on my life by Chi-town have been quickly wiped off, the putrid aftertaste spat out.  New friends and lovers appear, old friends resurface, and I can finally, finally, see the stars and the moon at night.  I've come home to Georgie and she's happy to have me back.  Dear Ol' Dixie sings me to sleep with the gentlest breezes, and blazes 65 degree winter days of bike rides with time-so-slowly-moving.  The clatter and chatter of ancient pines applauds my homecoming.  Everything is overwhelmingly good; everything is Stendhal.  I've cried rivers since I crossed that ol' Mason-Dixon, but why I cannot say.  It's beautiful here, life is good, and I cry and embrace and cry again.  I stopped in Snellville before coming to Athens; now I know I really can't ever go home again, and that's just fine by me.

[User Picture]From: camusletters
2007-01-10 09:40 am (UTC)
its good that you guys found somewhere that you feel this good about. sometimes i wish i had that feeling about the south, but to me it's all tar and despair. maybe i'll grow to love it.
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