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Dinosaur News Network presents: [Jul. 6th, 2006|11:24 pm]
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Last Friday I rode my bike with about 5000 other kids through the streets of Chicago.  we stopped a lot of traffic, had the opportunity to talk to many people about why we were stopping traffic, and we disrupted some Fascist Stormtrooper (i.e.- the police) shenanigans.  It was an amazingly positive ride, and, although there were some angry people (like the guy who tried to kill me and this other dude, whose car we stopped for 15 minutes), the message we broadcast and received was one of enlightenment at other transportation opportunities and a better, more sound world.

It goes without saying, then, that I'm going to enjoy the suburban Critical Mass tomorrow!  Takin' the streets in Evanston!

Fast forward to today: Stacey and I went to a play this evening at the invitation of Amul.  The director of this masterpiece waiting to be discovered is named Natsu, and she's a good friend of Amul's.  "Performance of Sleep in One Act Without Intermission" is one of the finest and most moving pieces of black box performance I've ever seen, and, knowing that the audience was roused and goaded to think about some important issues, my only regret about the show is that I couldn't in some way participate in its production.  It's a show well worth the money, and students get in free this weekend.  Seriously, folks, go see this genius work or art.

That's about all for now.  In next week's exciting episode of Dinosaur Johnson, Automotive Repairman, Esq., our pedantic protagonist writes about...

-The idea of Freedom in our (cyberpunk) world, especially in relation to corporate globalization
-Making the transition from vagrancy back to the world of stationary activism
-Starting a Food Not Bombs in northern Chicago

Join us again soon, same Dino-time, same Dino-channel, for another thrilling episode of Dinosaur Johnson!